Welllll that's dissapointing...

I started this blog a week and a half ago.  I posted my very first post, only to be slammed by someone within 20 minutes.

To be honest, this isn't about anyone else, it's more of a journal of what's happening in MY life.  For me to get the old "come on, he's not so bad" right out of the gate really tweaked me into not attempting a post for almost 2 weeks.

I'll try again. It's my nature. I don't tend to give up on things, I'm one of those freaky people who will go to extremes to try to rescue people and pets... (I embody the phrase "you say 'whacko' like it's a bad thing..." )

There are so many things happening in my life:

My marriage is over, but we are still living together, which makes for nasty  dinner (breakfast and lunch) conversations, (all of which I try to avoid in the presence of your 5 year old).

The husband works freelance.  He's off at the moment, but "could at any moment" get a call to go to work. (this is a large part of why we lost our house less than a year ago).  He hates what I do, and informed me that he hoped that I would lose my job, so I would be forced to "get a REAL job, not one clicking on a keyboard all day"... Charming. 

My current job is unstable at best. It's a job I had 10 years ago, and was called back as the 'authority' for this specific postion. I have the coolest job in the world (to me at least) but the company I work for is having finance issues... They're behind paying me by $5,500, but are desperately tying to keep it together... I love the job, but I got'sta feed my family.

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