Yes... it's not about you... it's about me.

That's what he means when he says "It's Not about YOU!!! Stop trying to make everything about you!!!"

Did I mention that I'm married to a bi-polar artist who insists he's NOT bi-polar... The second to the last therapist we went to, told him after 6 sessions that he might be bi-polar... to which "Irv" (no that's not his real name, but it's what a friend calls him in HER blog, so I thought I'd carry on the tradition.) stands up and yells "Fuck you! You're both out to get me" and stormed out... The last thing the therapist said to me was "good luck, you're going to need it"... Geee... thanks.

So, before Christmas, I asked for a divorce... On December 27th, I got a Pajamagram instead... Not quite the fit I was looking for.

If you've ever seen the cartoon for "The Angriest Dog In The World", this is the man I married. ( in case the link doesn't work... (new blog... new world).

I can go ad nausium about his tirades... He doesn't want me to stay in the house... (tells me that I need to get my "fat, lazy ass off the couch" where I do my work... Yes, I have a full time job, and we have a 5 year old at home who is doing her best to stay neutral). Today, I moved to the kitchen table... Now, he's REALLY mad. It's a Sunday, and I should be able to do what I want, but he yelled at me that he wanted to go out... So... go out... I don't care... it was 9am... I deserve to stay in my pj's for a bit...

Mother's Day was fun... His birthday was the day before... I completely forgot... My bad... He called me a "fucking cunt" for forgetting... Has been going on and on about it all week.  (this is coming from the man who tells me that "dates are not important" when I sent out HIS mother's gift for Mothers Day, and I was concerned that it would get there late...  Apparently... it IS all about him... How do I get the hell away from this man?  He follows me, he berates me, he tries to get me fired from my job so that, in his words, I will be forcred to get a "real job, not one clicking on a keyboard all day..."  (what a peach... he worked until he didn't.  we lost our house.  I lost all respect for him, now he's mad that I'm trying to make money to support the family...). ARGH!!!

Did I mention that he takes his lawn chair and puts it on the neighbors portch to get sun?  (the house is for sale)... Yes, someone would want to buy a house with a built-in nutcase!!!  He doesn't see the problem with it.

If I say black he says white... I've tried my best to stop talking to him... but he insists.

I'll write more later... I need more coffee...

Neeeeeed Focus... (and perspective...)

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  1. brainstormer

    Coffee is the last thing you need with that caffeine-enraged guy flailing about madly. Oh sure, you may find a cast of women here who could side with you in a heartbeat like a pack of man-hating feminists(who might in turn make their own men mad if they found out they felt that way even if it is just internet sympathy after indulging the curiosity to read this…tirade as you called what he does?).

    Im not fond of some(if not most) therapists myself when they throw terms like that around and the “victim” feels it is unjustified. A poor soul can find himself up against the world with no one on his side. Then he is left with a choice…villian or rebel hero. Let’s hope he does not become “The Joker” or “Two-Face”.

    May 18, 2008